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Registration Info

You will be notified as to successful acceptance of your registration into a Kids Express group.  Please do not assume your child is enrolled until you hear from your Kids Express leader.  There is a minimum and maximum group size, as well as balance of boys and girls to form each group.  Applications are dated as they arrive in our office and there is a first come-first served policy.

General Information

  1. “Kids Express” is a 12 week session and does not meet on scheduled school closings or when there is early dismissal (calendars will be given out on the first day).  Make-up dates will be scheduled whenever possible if class is cancelled due to emergency closings.
  2. Please make every effort to attend all 12 sessions.  Programs meet for 1 hour and children are expected to remain for duration of activities.  Classes accommodate only 6-8 children and depend on all members being present to enjoy certain activities.
  3. Please send your child’s teacher written permission to stay after school to attend “Kids Express.”  You must call the school to find out if you need to send a note each week or just one in the beginning.  If you do not provide a note, your child will not be permitted to stay after school.  They will be required to get on the bus.
  4. Please remind your child if he or she has “Kids Express” to attend that particular day and to follow building procedures for after-school activities.  This differs between schools and you may call the school to inquire.
  5. If your child cannot attend “Kids Express” one day, please notify the school and our staff.  You may call our office at (914) 243-0583 or send a note to the school office in an envelope marked “Kids Express.”  We will check office prior to each session.
  6. If your child withdraws from program, please send notification to school and “Kids Express.”
  7. All children are welcome to “Kids Express.”  We meet in a classroom where children will be seated at tables or on the floor.  Consider whether your child is happy to focus and engage in activities for one more hour after the school day.  If your child has a special need, please provide necessary information.  “Kids Express” staff will be meeting most students for the first time, and we encourage any information you provide to help us individualize the program content.
  8. We make every effort to make-up programs cancelled due to weather/school closings but cannot guarantee that this can be accommodated.

Pick-up Policies

  1. “Kids Express” finishes one hour after school dismissal.  Parents/Guardians are responsible for picking up children promptly.  If you should have an emergency and cannot pick up your child, you must notify your alternate pick-up designee and make arrangements for pick-up.  If you wish to have another adult pick up your child, please provide your “Kids Express” leader with a signed, dated note.
  2. Pick-up will be in the room where our class meets, unless you are notified otherwise.  All children must be signed out.  Please remind your child that he or she must remain inside until you have signed him or her out.
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