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The Simple Pleasure of Playtime


My wonderful son Ryan, like many of his friends, seeks the simple pleasure of playtime.  As a parent, you know the vision of childhood play isn’t always so simple.  We are always striving to help our children develop good character, manners, kindness to others and to have their needs met by being able to express their feelings to others.   There are few recreation activities available to our children to learn these kinds of social skills.  Some kids like Ryan, struggle with “fitting in” and making friends.  Other children are bursting for opportunities to express themselves creatively. Kids Express is unique, a place where children thrive and shine in individualized small groups.

Starting in Yorktown School District in 1996, Kids Express expanded to Lakeland, Somers and last year, my dream of bringing a low cost, high quality inclusionary social skills program to Hendrick Hudson schools finally came true!   Thanks to the commitment of SPARC’s leadership, who worked so diligently with parents and administration of our district, the program is a fantastic success!!  Each week Kids Express uses games, crafts, role playing and other activities to engage the children in experiences focused on making and being a good friend, expressing themselves and dealing with socially challenging situations.  The group leaders are professional, supportive, nurturing, enthusiastic and engaging!  My son is now in his second season of Kids Express, his “Friendship Club,” which he looks forward to every week.  I was so thrilled a few weeks ago when he asked for a playdate with another kid in his group and saw my precise goal for him met!

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